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26.06.15 - Shoot 2 nights of Mogwai, on thier 20th Anniversary tour of the UK, at The Round House, London. (Live Director/DOP).

14.04.15 - 'West Of Eden' Feature Film - 1950's drama set in rural New Zealand. (Associate Producer)

28.02.15 - 'Born To Dance' Feature Film - Los Angeles shoot. (Camera Operator)

12.02.15 - 'Women in Rock' Documentary - New York shoot. (DOP)

19.01.15 - '22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time' - a film by Rob Dougan and Marc Swadel. Live orchestra at Air Studios, mixed at Abbey Road showcasing the talents of 'The Matrix' soundtrack composer Rob Dougan. (Creative Director/Editor)

21.11.14 - Shoot 'Angel' music video for Die! Die! Die! in Auckland, New Zealand. (Director/DOP)

15.10.14 - Shoot 'Stars Will Descend' music video for Blair Jollands, in Battersea, London. (Director/DOP)

18.09.14 - Merino Wool Fashion Documentary - Paris/London/Milan. (Sound Recordist)

09.07.14 - Shoot Interpol, at the ATP Icelandic Take Over, Kevflavik, Iceland. (Director/DOP)

09.07.14 - Shoot Portishead, at the ATP Icelandic Take Over, Kevflavik, Iceland. (Director/DOP)

09.07.14 - Shoot Mogwai and Slowdive, at the ATP Icelandic Take Over, Kevflavik, Iceland. (Director/DOP)

07.07.14 - Document Neil Young playing live, Reykavik, Iceland. (Director/DOP)

27.06.14 - Shoot Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury. (Cameraman)

01.05.14 - Made a promo in Icelandic for the ATP Icelandic Take Over. (Promo Producer)

25.04.14  - Attended the IMAGO Federation of Cinematographers General Assembly, in Delphi, Greece,  as the New Zealand delegate.

14.04.14 - Shoot 16mm experimental short film for director Rohan Thomas, on 16mm. (DOP)

27.03.14 - Edit 5x Oral B Powerbrush TVC's for French TV. (Offline Editor)

19.03.14 - Edit + grade 3x Schweppes 30 sec TVC's. (Editor)

08.03.14 - Photo and video shoot for the 'Kunst om het Lijf' show, De Rijp, Netherlands. (Photographer/Cameraman) 

06.03.14 - Edit + sound mix for Elite New Face TV series (Ep06). (Editor/Sound Mixer)

24.02.14 - Edit + sound mix for FIA Formula E promo. (Editor/Sound Mixer)

02.02.14 - Document the ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ Paris Film Premiere and live event. Jim Jarmusch’s band Squrl, plus White Hills, Jozef Van Wissem and Jasmine Hamdan play at Le Machine, Moulin Rouge Paris (Director/Camera Operator)

06.02.14 - Document the ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ London Film Premiere at Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square, London, and the following live event. Jim Jarmusch’s band Squrl, plus White Hills, Jozef Van Wissem and Jasmine Hamdan play at Heaven, London. (Director/Camera Operator)

01.12.13 - Shoot live concert video for Mogwai, as the last band to play the last ATP holiday camp festival ever. Cambersands, UK. (Director/DOP) 

29.11.13 - ATP End An Era Festival Pt 2 - Shot the bands Goat, Fuck Buttons and White Fence amongst others. Cambersands, UK. (Director/DOP) 

23.11.13 - ATP End An Era Festival Pt 1 - Shot the bands Televison, Le Savy Fav and Dinosaur jr amongst others. Cambersands, UK. (Director/DOP) 

12.10.13 - Shoot a music video for Von Voin Strum's song 'Take Me Home', in Christchurch, New Zealand. Produced by Nicolas Pegg. (Director/DOP)

26.08.13 - Bacardi Beginnings –Live at Leeds. We followed artists AlunaGeorge and Bipolar Sunshine as they play at, and enjoy the 2013 Leeds Rock Festival, UK. Produced by Stitchthat. (Director/Camera Operator)

19.07.13 - Document the English Heritage weekend at Kelmarsh. Recreations of key English battles from 1066 to D Day. (Camera Operator)

11.07.13 - Bacardi Beginnings - 24hr live A+R event. We followed Rudimental and Bipolar sunshine, as they record, mix then play a song live, in 24hours. I was directing a crew for behind the scenes cuts that were uploaded to the Bacardi beginnings website throughout the day. Produced by Stitchthat. (Director/Camera Operator)

02.07.13 - invited to join the Australian Society of Cinematographers - and did so :)

27.06.13 - Shoot Goat, at the Electric Ballroom, London. (Director/DOP)

26.06.13 - Shoot Deerhunter live, over three nights perfroming three albums, at ATP Festival, Camber Sands. (Director/DOP)

30.05.13 - Attend world premiere of 'Stone Roses:Made of Stone' doco feature in Manchester. Producer Mark Herbert, Director Shane Meadows (DOP - Japan)

09.05.13 - Shoot De La Soul and full band, live at ATP Festival, Camber Sands. (Director/DOP)

03.05.13 - Shoot Yeah Yeah Yeahs live at Alexandra Palace, London. (Director/DOP)

20.03.13 - Shoot part of Sherpa 'Love Film' music video in Paris and Nogent Sur Marne, France. (Director/DOP)

08.03.13 - Photo and video shoot for the 'Kunst om het Lijf' show, De Rijp, Netherlands. (Photographer/Cameraman)

03.03.13 - Shoot video for Jarvis Cocker protégée Serafina Steer for her track 'Disco Compilation'. Directed by Rohan Thomas. (DOP)

20.02.13 - Shoot part of Sherpa 'Love Film' music video in anamorphic black and white in Auckland. (Director/DOP)

16.01.13 - Edit 2x episodes of primetime comedy show '7 Days' for TV3/Mediaworks (Editor)

12.12.12 - Chemical Brothers 'Don't Think' nominated in 'Best Live Recording' category for the 2013 Grammy Awards. Producers Lee Groombridge and Marcus Lyall, Director Adam Smith. (DOP - Japan)

23.11.12 - Attended IMAGO meeting, Bydgoscsz, Poland. I was New Zealand representative for this Cinematography conference.

16.11.12 - Shoot in Gueliz, Morroco for Hotel Le Caspien. (DOP)

12.10.12 - Chemical Brothers 'Don't Think' Wins 'Best Live Music Coverage Award' at the 2012 UK Music Video Awards. In a recent Sunday Times review is was called '“the most intense concert film ever”. Producers Lee Groombridge and Marcus Lyall, Director Adam Smith. (DOP - Japan)

27.09.12 - Direct commerical/music video for McDonalds, featuring Johnny Ruffo, for the final of 'X Factor Australia'. Shooting on Sydney Harbour, using helicopter mount Cineflex, and Alexa. DOP Lorenzo Zaffino. (Director)

09.09.12 - Shoot music video for The Bats, for Flying Nun, inside of the earthqauke ravaged Red Zone, in Christchurch. Produced by Nicholas Pegg. (Director/DOP)

04.08.12 - Shoot promotional film for Lexus, at Toyota-shi, Japan. Shooting Sony F-3 and using Fisher Light. Directed by Emmy winner Mark Stepp, DOP Dave Rudd, Sound Rob Mayes and Produced by Scott Larson. (Camera Operator)

27.07.12 - Shoot Stone Roses concert and fans for Warp Films documentary on the band, Directed by Shane Meadows, at FujiRock Festival, Naeba (DOP - Japan)

10.07.12 - Selected for final shortlist in the New Zealand Film Commission 'Escalator' Feature Film initiative, with project 'Davey Darling' - a dark coming of age story set in a backdrop of earthquake ravaged Christchurch. Writer - Paul Shannon, Dir/DOP Marc Swadel Dir/Producer Paul Swadel.

23.06.12 - Shoot final part of Timmy Schumacher ft. Spyda clip in Onehunga, Auckland. (Director/DOP)

14.06.12 - Shoot part of music video for Leigh Franklin at Wynyard Quarter, Auckland (Director/DOP)

24.05.12 - produce promo for 'ATP America: I'll be your mirror 2012' For the Jimmy Fallon show on US channel, NBC. (Promo Producer)

07.04.12 - Shoot part of Mt Eden music video at the E.U Parliament, Luxembourg, for Universal. (Director/DOP)

03.04.12 - Shoot another part of Mt Eden music video on the Tour Eiffel, Paris. (Director/DOP)

27.03.12 - Shoot more of the Mt Eden music video on Madison Avenue, Manhattan. (Director/DOP)

16.03.12 - Edit 3x episodes of primetime comedy show '7 Days' for TV3/Mediaworks (Editor)

20.02.12 - Photo Shoot with Alastair Riddell for Promo/Album. (Photographer)

03.02.12 - The Chemical Brothers 'Dont Think' Feature released in 600 cinemas worldwide, across 30 Countries. I watched in in Auckland. (DOP)

'The cinematic event of the decade' ***** Mix Mag

'A psychedelic classic' **** Mojo

'Blistering, cinematic ecstasy' ***** Empire

'Don’t Think is just stunning: a demented firework display of kaleidoscopic assault and psychedelic wonder and disco connection being fired directly into your face' ***** BBC Music

02.02.12 - Live shoot for Mercury Prize nominees, The Datsuns, at San Fran Bath House. Shooting with Ronny Growler, and Jason Horner. (Director/DOP)

31.01.12 - Shoot part of the clip for Popstrangers, downtown Tokyo, with Scott Larson, and Rob Mayes. (Director/DOP)

29.01.12 - Shoot another part of Popstrangers clip for Flying Nun, in Denmark St and Hackney Wick, London. Shot with Rohan Thomas. (Director/DOP)

18.01.12 - Shoot part of Timmy Schumacher clip in Nottingham, with vocalist SPYDA. (Director/DOP)

14.01.12 - Give a talk with Marcus Lyall and Tom Balkwill (Colourist - Dirty Looks) about Chemical Brothers 'Don't Think' as part of the London Short Film Festival. (was thrown in at the last minute!)

10.01.12 - Shoot part of a clip for Kurt Shanks in downtown London. (Director/DOP)

01.12.11 - Shoot for the NZ Department of Health's 'Low Down' Mental health initiative (Agency: Draft FCB) with artist Massad, at York St Studios. Also shot 3x live clips. Shooting with Craig Wright and James Munro, location sound by Rob Mayes. (Director/DOP)

03.11.11  - 'Tuffy' short film shoot for director Matt Sunderland, for New Zealand Film Commission. Sound by Rob Mayes.(DOP/Producer)

27.10.11 - The Drones - A Thousand Mistakes' Double DVD is released by Shock Video. Put together, produced and directed by Natalie Van Den Dungen, its a great bit of work! I directed, shot and cut the French section of the DVD. And shot the cover!

30.08.11 - Ishinomaki, deep in Tsunami zone, Japan - shoot for Misfits of Science clip, with Scott Larson. (DOP/Director)

29.07.11 - Chemical Brothers Concert Feature at Fuji Rock 2011 (DOP) Dir:Adam Smith Prod:Ridley Scott and Associates (RSA)/Black Dog. As 'Lighting Camera - Local Unit' I organised a crew and oversaw the shooting, hire in, and set up fo the concert. My local crew - Scott Larson, Rob Mayes, Chris Shepard and Ivan Kovacs.

26.07.11 - DVD extras - Warp Films - Dirty Three, Afrirampo, Psarandonis, Michael Gira and the last filmed performance of Roland.S.Howard all filmed at ATP Mt Buller in January 2009. Shot with Nick Mulder. (Director/DOP/Editor)

12.06.11 - All Tomorrow’s Parties feature film - cinema release in Australia (DOP/Director(live)) (Dir: Jonathan Caouette Warp Films/Found Films UK)

“A rousing, kaleidoscopic celebration of the seaside indie-rock festival" - Time Out

“A dazzling experience that captures the hallucinatory magic of a unique festival" - Little White Lie

10.05.11 - Virgin Ltd 30th Anniversary  - Kensington roof gardens - Richard Branson. Shot with Rohan Thomas. (Camera)

08.05.11 - Sarah Rogge  - Coral Charity for Shot with Rohan Thomas. (Camera)

27.04.11 - ‘Desert’ feature film - NZ cinema release (Dir: Stephen Kang Severe Features/Curious Films NZ)(DOP)

26.04.11 - Shoot music video for 'F in Math' - Michael Logie ex Mint Chicks on Flying Nun.(Dir/DOP/Editor)

16.04.11 - ‘Blue’ short film wins at Cannes! Grand Prix, Semaine de la Critique (Cinematographer:addtional) (Dir: Stephen Kang DOP: Ginny Loane Severe Features/Curious Films NZ)

31.03.11 - Another Alastair Riddell shoot - 'End of the Golden Weather' in anamorphic! (Director/DOP)

26.02.11 - Alastair Riddell music video 'Hard Work' shoot at Waitakere/Bethells Beach. (Director/DOP)

28.01.11 - Annabel Fay shoot for EMI. (Director)

23.01.11 - Katchafire shoot for EMI at Raglan and Hamilton. (Director/DOP)

21.01.11 - Childrens Hour live at Laneways. Documentation for band (DOP)

31.12.10 - Shoot at new years for 'Tokyo Strip' documentary, Directed by Scott Larson, with artiste 'Fire Yoko'. Also working with Rob Mayes, on sound. (Camera)

20.12.10 - Childrens Hour Music video for Flying Nun. Shot in a Wimbledon Graveyard, and the Southern Alps of New Zealand. (Director/DOP)

30.11.10 - Red Bull B.C One Tokyo. Shot with Michael Goldberg, Michael Nauroth, and Takeshi Fukushima.(Camera)

27.11.10 - Shot Timmy Schumacher - 'Fire' music video in Tokyo (Version Three). This was not banned by New Zealand On Air, or the label - but does contain firearms and live ammunition. Edited by Jason  Pengelly. (Director/DOP)

23.06.10 - Shot Timmy Schumacher - 'Fire' music video in Tokyo (Version Two) This rejected by the label as it is 'R' rated. Shot with Takeshi Fukushima. (Director/DOP)